Baseball Lessons

Saints Baseball Lessons

Former Saints Manager George Tsamis is now offering private baseball lessons through the end of April. These lessons will take place at CHS Field, utilizing indoor batting/pitching tunnels. Players will focus not only on mechanics, but also the mental aspects of pitching, hitting, and fielding.
We are now offering a NEW $200 package to get more bang for your buck including: 4 Lessons + Saints Hat + 4 Ticket Vouchers for a Saints Game in 2024. Register HERE. Looking to try it out first? 1-hour lessons for both individual and small groups are also available at the following prices:

1 Player = $85   |   2 Players = $110   |   3 Players = $130

For any additional questions, please contact George Tsamis at 763-703-5220, or email him directly at

Those interested in training can fill out the form below: