Public art is an important fixture at CHS Field for both the general public to enjoy and as a way to incorporate the residents of Lowertown. Currently, this takes place in two ways: a public art piece at the Broadway Entrance and the Andy Nelson Artist Gallery inside the ballpark.

After soliciting input from the project team, the Lowertown Ballpark Design and Construction Committee, and the general public, “Meander” was selected as the public art piece for CHS Field’s Broadway Entrance.

Designed with 28 sculptural pillars, Meander is inspired by the Upper Mississippi River’s shape, bathymetry, and the 28 locks along its course from Saint Anthony Falls, Minnesota, to St. Louis, Missouri. Each section was artistically fabricated out of cast glass and masonry – made from silica and lime harvested from the Mississippi River Valley. Both materials have been crucial to the industrial history of Saint Paul. The glass cap of each piece contains an embedded LED light, illustrating the changing water conditions of the river and organically reacting to viewers’ presence.

The Andy Nelson Artist Gallery located behind the home plate at CHS Field is named for the artist responsible for the murals and other artwork that livened up Midway Stadium from 1993 – 2014. This space features a local artist and their art during each Saints game.

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